Brooke Mueller to divorce Charlie Sheen following allegations he cheated with a prostitute?

Oh my heavens! Charlie Sheen was seen with a paid female escort named Angelina Tracy? With a shaved head? Whaaat? Have I been living under a rock that I missed this story? Almost. I’m currently staying in a country house of a good friend in the middle of East Bubble Ef, on a lonely country lane in Wisconsin. I spend my days writing, eating and playing tennis (well, it’s really cricket with tennis rackets if you know what I mean). So I missed this whole story with Charlie and Brooke. Now several blogs are prognosticating a divorce. It is totally plausible given that the couple was already having so much trouble since Christmas. What is wrong with those two? Is that a toxic marriage or what? And what will happen to their toddler twins, Max and Bob Sheen? Such adorable kids. Too bad they are stuck with a bunch of knuckle heads for parents. I personally refuse to believe that the tabloids are correct. There is no way that Charlie hired and paid a prostitute at a time like this when he is already facing legal charges for assaulting his wife. Charlie is not a complete psycho. Is he?