DIVORCE UPDATES: Raj Rajaratnam, Warren Buffet, Rajat Gupta, Goldman Sachs, SEC

DIVORCE UPDATES – RAJ, RAJAT, WARREN, GOLDMAN, SEC: Well, so far, Raj Rajaratnam is NOT getting divorced from Asha Pabla. That marriage is intact even though the government’s probe of Raj’s insider trading case is widening to include Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway (Warren is still happily married to Astrid, btw), Goldman Sachs and Goldman director Rajat Gupta. No idea about Rajat’s marital status. Rajat is happily¬†married to Indian princess, Anita Mattoo from Kashmir. Ok. So he’s in a soup because he apparently gave Raj some info about how Berkshire would invest in Goldman. This somehow put a lot of money in Buffet’s hands, caused Goldman’s share price to go up, and made Raj some money on the side. Rajat is pretty much losing his job getting divorced from Goldman after his tenure ends at the end of this month. Says the WSJ:

The firm says Mr. Gupta will remain on as a director until next month, when his term ends. Since 2006, he has received a total of $1.7 million in compensation as a Goldman director. Goldman’s in-house lawyers interviewed Mr. Gupta about the matter, and he denied wrongdoing, a person familiar with the matter says.
Mr. Gupta didn’t participate in a Goldman board meeting this Monday after the Securities and Exchange Commission charged the firm in a separate civil case with fraud over a derivatives deal it arranged; Goldman denies wrongdoing in the SEC case.

My oh my.
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