CONNECTICUT: Jessica Bram(author of "Happily ever after divorce") on how to start dating again after divorce

She wrote the book on being happily single, post-divorce: Happily Ever After Divorce which we reviewed. But now Jessica has met a new love and just got married! How did they meet? Well, according to the New York Times:

She was unattached when she attended a business networking meeting in February 2006 run by Mr. Cooper’s younger brother, Isaiah Cooper, a lawyer, who asked the participants what they hoped to get out of the meeting. Ms. Bram, who had just told someone she wanted romance back in her life, stood up and blurted: “Well, to be honest I’d like to start dating. So if anybody knows anyone… ”

The rest of the story can be read directly on the New York Times Website. Congratulations on the new nuptials, Jessica! Read all our Jessica Posts here.