The Deadly Divorce Party: Why these events should be handled with sensitivity

In Britain, the BBC News ran a story about Brian Jones of Marske who was on trial for butchering his wife Katrina. Katrina was about to throw a divorce party when Brian, 63, lost it and killed her. Brian told the police whom he rang after the crime, that he “snapped” when he saw balloons and other party favors showing up at the house for the divorce party, and when he saw a game, “pin the tail on the X.”  The wife, Katrina Jones, was only 34 years old when this tragedy occurred in 2009, November.
We bring this up on Divorce Saloon just to remind divorcees of the importance of being “measured” and “sensitive” with these divorce parties. Exes have feelings and some emotions run really dark and deep. It is not appropriate to be mocking and insulting and mean and callous at these events because not every ex will take it in stride. Crimes of passion are special animals and are treated differently in the law because it is recognized that people can do irrational things when their intimate emotions are stirred in the wrong way. Be careful. Be measured. Be sensitive. Sure, have your divorce party if you think you want one. But remember that someone else out there may not be so celebratory of the demise of the marriage and may even be angry, devastated or bereft because of it. This person can turn around and “snap” in such a way that your safety life is compromised. Just an FYI.
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