CONNECTICUT: Did John Heath kill wife Elizabeth Heath after filing divorce in 1984? Her skeletal remains found in 2010 re-opens case

Ugh. These types of cases makes your blood run cold. Look what I just read in a Connecticut Eyewitness News paper:

A couple of days before Elizabeth Heath was reported missing in 1984, her husband filed for divorce and custody of the couple’s 4-year-old daughter, according to court documents. Health’s remains were discovered Thursday on the property the couple once owned in Newtown. After using dental records to positively identify the found skeleton as belonging to Heath, her death was ruled a homicide.¬†

According to the report, the ex husband, John, is not a suspect at this time nor has he been charged. The fact is, he’s moved on with his life and re-married about a year after his wife went missing was murdered. By default, he obtained custody of his four year old daughter. The fact that his wife’s¬†remains were found underneath the home they once shared, could just be a weird coincidence. It could just be that 25 years ago, John really had nothing to do with this. Maybe someone else killed her and buried her under their home while John wasn’t even at home. Whatever the case may be, her bones, her lovely bones, were found under a barn on their property.
This stuff really makes my blood run cold. Doesn’t it make your hair stand on end? Ugh.