Eliot Spitzer: Taxi to the dark side; Ashley Dupre; Andrew Cuomo; and why he will never divorce Silda Wall Spitzer

Eliot Spitzer is dominating the news today. First of all, he was profiled in the New York Times slamming political rival Andrew Cuomo. He doesn’t say it outright, but it is as if he believes that Andrew pussy-foots around Wall Street firms rather than goes after them like a hard, charging bull. Which is interesting.
A documentary about the disgraced, former governor hits the Tribeca Film Festival. Why did Mr. Spitzer patronize the prostitute? Why did he risk divorce from wife Silda Wall Spitzer? The Associated Press:

Often sitting on a couch in a suit with his legs crossed, Spitzer looks directly into the camera as he tries to explain why he continued to visit prostitutes before resigning in 2008. “You cave to temptations in ways that seem easier and perhaps less damaging,” he says.

Did he think it was “less damaging” to his marriage and a lesser risk of divorce to consort with a prostitute rather than have an affair outright? I wonder. He may have been right. Silda seemed to have barely batted an eye-lash. It is almost as if she was not shocked to learn about her husband’s extra-curricular activities, that he was taxi-ing to the dark side with some regularity to this place called the Emperor’s Club. Where is that again? In New Jersey? Seriously, it’s as if Silda knew. In which case, was there some reason that she turned the other way? Was there some medical reason, for example, that forced her to constructively condone her husband’s extra-marital sexcapades with prostitutes? She just seems so unfazed. Her love, devotion and loyalty never shaken, when, for most other women, this might have been a deal breaker.
And that is why Eliot will never divorce her. Because of her unfazed love, devotion, and loyalty. And heck, for that matter, even Ashley is keeping his confidences. According to the Associated Press, this is what the call girl had to say about it:

Ashley Dupre, the former call girl involved in the scandal, was not interviewed for the film. Gibney told the audience she asked for editorial control, which he refused. Dupre said in an e-mail that she didn’t want to grant an interview without “approval over the edit.” “I didn’t think it was smart to participate after what I’ve seen with editing,” said Dupre. “I think everyone is trying to move on with their lives and by me participating in their project would only open old wounds.”

Are the Spitzers living in Washington D.C. now that his dad bought that building? I tell you, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran for some other public office again. And Silda will be right there, like Hillary Clinton, by his side. Some guys got it like that.
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