Did alleged ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro give Shaq diamond handcuffs? Did this factor in Shaq's divorce?

Dealbreaker had the most ludicrous post up this afternoon: Shaq Once Bench-Pressed Florida Grocery Arbitrageur, But Did Not Take His Diamond Handcuffs. 
But it was titillating nonetheless. Because, while the post clearly posits that Shaq denies receiving diamond encrusted cuff links¬† handcuffs from alleged Miami-based ponzi impresario Nevin Shapiro, my sick little imagination wondered off a bit, and traveled down some murky swamps near the Everglades. And when I emerged I wondered, “what if that were true? And if so, what if that factored into Shaq’s divorce?” Truly a preposterous notion, I will be the first to admit. Because what would diamond encrusted cuff links (why do I keep saying that?) handcuffs have to do with anything, least of all Shaq’s divorce from the lovely Shaunie O’Neal?
I mean, even assuming Nevin gave Shaq the handcuffs, it’s not like Nevin and Shaq were about to use those handcuffs together. That’s just total comedy. So that wouldn’t cause his divorce. If, even assuming Nevin gave Shaq the handcuffs and he took them home and used them with Shaunie, while I find the whole concept evil, what business would it be of anyone’s? And this would only lead to “funland” and not to divorceland, if you know what I mean. The only way those handcuffs could have led to Shaq’s divorce is if, indeed, first of all, he received said cuffs from Nevin. And second of all, if he used said handcuffs on someone other than his wife. That is the only way I can see these handcuffs leading or contributing to Shaq’s divorce.
But the whole thing is so ridiculous, I really just can’t make sense of any of it. And furthermore, Shaq doesn’t seem like the diamond-encrusted-handcuff kind of a guy. Which then begs the question, which “prominent professional athlete” did Nevin give these cuffs to, and what did the prominent professional athlete do with those cuffs, and will RICO force the prominent professional athlete to relinquish the cuffs to prosecutors and the SEC, and will that athlete be subpoenaed, and is that athlete currently married, and what will be the post-subpoena state of said athlete’s marriage, if so?……This is some inneresting stuff!!! I don’t know if I’m grown up enough to handle it.
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