Goldman's boys united front during Senate Subcommittee's rigorous questions about their "shitty deals" that left investors holding the bag

Fabrice Tourre, Daniel Sparks, Lloyd Blankfein and Josh Birnbaum are all in Washington to defend Goldman Sach’s good name. The fabulous foursome were hammered with questions about knowingly betting short on some “shitty deals” and failing to inform investors just how shitty the deals were and making money on the collapse of the housing industry. Whatever else their shortcomings, these boys are no dysfunctional family. They are sticking together like glue, daring the world to believe that their house is in order. I still wonder, if when this is all over, whether Tourre will be dropped like a hot potato (aka, divorced); or, what about Blankfein – largely regarded as the most powerful man on Wall Street- is he married this guy? And, more importantly, how secure is his job going to be after this?