LONDON: Second wives have formed a "second wives club" in UK

This article in the Times of London caught my attention last night. It’s all about how the growing demographic of second wives are feeling so marginalized by the “first wives” that they have even formed a club in England, The Second Wives Club. It seems some of these so called “first wives” (one woman put it well when she said, “no, she’s his ex-wife, not his first wife”) are a bit manipulative, and a bit jealous and have trouble “letting go” with their post-matrimonial life once the divorce is finalized. It seems these women, those first wives who are troublemakers, don’t understand that divorce means their ex husbands are no longer  responsible for them. This situation has left the second wives feeling like second best a lot of times. Plus, this idea that the husband has to continue to pay for the ex-wife till she dies usually infringes on his new life with his new wife and family. Often the new wife finds herself forced to work so that the ex wife can sit on her laurels and collect spousal support – even if the ex wife is aptly able-bodied and could perfectly find work herself. This is both unfair to the husband and his new wife. And certainly if there are children of the second marriage, it is unfair to those children too. No wonder those gals saw fit to start a club. They need the support from others similarly situated as themselves.
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