Jamie Dimon and Judith Kent Dimon: A marriage of equals a divorce of unequals?

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JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is a very powerful man who is happily married to a woman he met at Harvard Business School, Judith Kent Dimon. The two have three daughters and live large on Park Avenue (they also have a weekend place upstate New York and a place in Chicago that is on the market apparently.) Jamie and Judith (J&J) met, as previously noted, as students in university. But since that time, this couple of equals grew apart in their social and career stature. Jamie, of course, went on to a high powered job as a bank executive, making a name for himself by inking big time mergers such as the one he helped broker when JP Morgan acquired Bank One.
Jamie makes close to $30 million per year as the CEO of one of the world’s biggest (too big to fail) banks. What does his wife do? We don’t know. But we are pretty certain she doesn’t bring in that kind of money. Obviously, they will not divorce because, frankly speaking, bankers as a group (those at the very top anyway) tend to stay married for the long haul. These guys are numbers crunchers and realize that a divorce could just devastate their bottom line. Plus, before they marry, they tend to analyze the situation thoroughly so they make fewer mistakes than other guys who are less analytical would make. But just hypothetically, if the Dimons were to divorce, it would be a divorce of unequals. And if there is no prenup, well, Jamie would find himself thoroughly creamed. Jamie, of course, is notoriously frugal. And it’s not as if anybody’s heard of Judith going out shopping on the scale, of say, a woman like Kathy Fuld. But still. If a divorce ever were to happen to Jamie and Judith, he would definitely be paying her through the nose. Of course, as previously noted, divorce between Jamie and Judith is a laughable proposition.
The last I heard about the Dimons is that he has throat cancer. This was very sad news. But I have not heard of any marital strife to this day as I sit here in 2014 updating this post that was first written in whenever it was. The issues remain the same though. If this were to ever turn into a “CEO divorce” – and IĀ  certainly am not wishing it for them, then shareholders most certainly would have a lot to be concerned about even though between them, I doubt there would be any scandalous blood baths.