NEW YORK: Is it significant that AG Andrew Cuomo's girlfriend Sandra Lee got an 8-figure divorce settlement?

New York Post, renowned for its journalistic integrity (sort of like this divorce blog) did a piece the other day about Governor-apparent Andrew Cuomo’s girlfriend Sandra Lee. Something air-headed about her bikini size (she apparently wears a much bigger top than bottom, oh la la and that she’s five foot nine and blond, can you handle it?) and that was news! Jesus. But even more poignant was the fact, seemingly, that she got an 8-figure deal when she divorced her previous husband, some chap by the name of Bruce Karatz, a convict of some sort with whom she had shared a story-book, carefree lifestyle prior to their divorce in 2005. Says Page Six:

In 1998, she was moonlighting as a TV spokeswoman for KB Home when she met the home-building company’s millionaire CEO, Bruce Karatz, whose lavish lifestyle would sweep her off her feet.  “I felt like a real-life Cinderella,” Lee writes of Karatz’s courtship. “It was a nonstop schedule that included frequent trips to Paris and the south of France. Le Bristol Hotel became my second home… Nearly every night we ended up in the same place, the nightclub at the Hotel Byblos, dancing until the wee hours of the morning.” June was spent in Saint-Tropez, July was spent in Capri, and August was spent in L.A., where her calendar was suddenly filled with country club lunches and charity galas. The couple married in 2001.

Wow. We are humbled. Well, given that both Andrew and Sandy have been divorced in their past incarnations, all bets are off that their relationship will crumble anytime soon, even though, according to Page Six, the two have no intention of getting married. That would mean that if Andrew does win the gubernatorial race in….shocks, when is that race? This year?…well, whenever, if he wins, he will be the first unmarried governor in New York in more than thirty years – and he doesn’t have to be because he has a 5 foot 9 blonde with a large upper body super-sized top in his lair for more than three years and counting!
Why doesn’t he simply marry Sandra? Is he gun shy because his marriage to Kerry Kennedy went so awry? He needs to get past that. He and Sandra have reportedly been quietly dating for more than three years now. She’s rich, so it’s not like she’s using him for money or fame. She’s 43. She’s not going to be hassling him to have babies. And luckily for him, he’s got three cuties with ex Kerry. And they seem to get along with Sandra. He doesn’t have to worry about Sandra using him either. He’s not better than she. They have similar backgrounds. Neither came from money. Both are self-made. Besides, Sandra’s social status was confirmed long before she met Andrew and she’s leveraged that to the hilt from all accounts:

Lee also used her new-found social status to pitch her Semi-Homemade cookbook to publishers in Manhattan. After hosting a guest spot on the Today show, a Food Network executive approached Lee and offered her a TV show. But as Lee’s career took off, her marriage started crumbling. “I realized I no longer wanted that lifestyle when Bruce chartered a beautiful yacht for us [to sail] around the Baltic Sea… My heart was no longer into the carefree party lifestyle.” She filed for divorce in 2005, and the couple parted on good terms.

Well, whatever. I still think the reference to her size 10 bikini top and size six bikini bottom is stoopid, vapid and insulting. And you thought we were shallow over here. Jeeze.
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