Tara Connor, former Ms.USA 2006, blames drug use on her parents' divorce

How lame of all these people who allow themselves to degenerate into addiction and illicit behavior to blame others, such as their parents, for their shortcomings. I have a lot of sympathy for addicts. But I have zero sympathy for addicts who blame others for their choices. Especially addicts like Tara who choose to live a certain kind of illicit life and then become addicted and then try to shirk their personal responsibility and accountability to others. She’s on Oprah right now and I am going to finish watching. But already, I’m disgusted by her blame shifting for what was obviously her choice. She could just admit it. She liked to “party” and she got hooked. It had nothing to do with her parents divorce. Honestly, if that is the reason for using drugs that’s about half the population of the world, Tara. Gimme a break. I am not buying your beautiful tears and mamaguying.