INDIA: Domestic violence against women in India on the rise, but still hush hush

INDIA: It seems domestic violence in India is a rising menace. But one that is still largely hush hush. Why? It is not clear. Perhaps it has to do with the architecture of the typical Indian marriage. Structurally, it’sĀ  blueprints are defined by the family on both sides. Most young Indian couples today still abide by the arranged marriage model and that usually means that the couple is not only marrying each other, they are marrying each other’s family and all of its accompanying infrastructure. Outing a monster husband who beats her will get the wife in trouble not just with the husband, but with her family, his family and their community.That is why the problem is getting worse rather than better. But the good news is, more women are starting to speak out. —by Gurat Maniangatt for Divorce Saloon
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