Rielle Hunter the homewrecker? I bet you Elizabeth Edwards thinks so

Oprah interviewed former presidential candidate John Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter, today. My take? She’s oblivious. Rielle, that is. She’s also defiant and could care less, at least on the surface, what the consequences of her relationship with the candidate was and are. She’s also full of contradictions, and¬†manipulative. For instance, one of the better questions Oprah asked her was, “why didn’t you burn the [sex] tape.” My thought was, why would she have burned such a staggering piece of blackmail? It was insurance. It was Monica Lewinsky’s dress hanging in that dry-cleaner plastic in the closet. Why should she have destroyed it?
At the same time, Rielle is no girl scout but I am not buying into this “home-wrecker” explanation for her sins. Homes are wrecked by the people who live in them. Passersby can walk by and observe the wreckage and maybe help to haul the debris away. But Elizabeth and John did not have a happy, committed marriage and so nobody can fairly blame Rielle for that divorce. That home was already wrecked. That is the only reason a Rielle Hunter could get in there and spawn babies with that guy. John, the only one with a commitment to Elizabeth,¬†was out of that marriage even though he wasn’t man enough to tell his wife. That sex tape, if nothing else, proves it. A man in a happy marriage, a man who loves his wife, does not make sex tapes with his mistress. Oh, he probably can screw another woman, no problem. But he doesn’t make sex tapes. That marriage was a non-marriage, a going through the motions before Rielle Hunter got there. Nobody should blame Rielle for that.
But she is not helping her cause with these interviews. She was better off staying out of the spotlight and not giving interviews. She comes off as this huge flake and this callous bitch, which she probably isn’t. But that is how it comes off. And then she talks so much about “truth” and you just cringe. Especially when you see the half naked pictures in that magazine. What was she thinking?
Elizabeth may have been the best wife she could have been. But the marriage had left the station by the time Rielle got there. Who wrecked the Edwards’ home? My money is on John and Elizabeth. It’s just that Rielle should have kept out of it, till he was man enough to clean up his mess. But yea. Otherwise, it is unclear why he likes her. She would not have made a very appropriate first lady. She’s no Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton. That much is apparent just listening to the shit that comes out of her mouth.
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