Bob Rudin, former Goldman exec and treasury secretary, in extra-marital sex scandal

He is being partially blamed for the derivatives backed housing sector meltdown and the Great Recession of 2008 (as then treasury secretary he advised Pres. Clinton to repeal the Glass Steagall Act which purported to separate investment banking from commercial banking; and this small feat set the economic debacle of 2008 in motion, arguably).
But these days, Bob Rudin is being blamed for something else as well. The former treasury secretary is making headlines for having had an extra-marital tryst, allegedly, with a self-proclaimed Harvard PHd brainiac, a Black woman by the name of Iris Mack. Ms. Mack came out with the news on HuffPost recently to the dismay of everyone who breathes, particularly Rudin’s wife, Judith Oxenberg Rubin. It is a little disconcerting that Ms. Mack chose such a venue for her story when she could have written a tell all that was really classy. Although, that might still happen…But the question is, what did she ever see in the old fart to begin with? This guy was old enough to be her papa! And slightly greasy to bout. Ew. Mack, for all her poor judgment, is a very attractive woman and could have done better. Question is, what will Ms. Oxenberg Rubin do about this news? Will she ask her almost octogenarian husband for a divorce?