Halle Berry's divorce: Actress and long-time boyfriend (and her baby's daddy) Gabriel Aubry split?

Radaronline is reporting that Halle and Gabriel Aubry have split. The two beauties are proud parents of a little 3 year old girl named Nahla Aubrey and Radar claims that they have agreed (with the help of attorney Judy Bogen) to share joint physical and legal custody of the little cutie pututie. As far as the money (it’s always about the money) it seems Mr. Aubrey will walk away with a house the couple purchased in Quebec as a settlement. Halle will keep the place in Malibu and all her other assets. As far as the reason? Well, it appears, if Radar’s journalistic integrity can be trusted, that Mr. Aubrey is the one who wanted out of the relationship. He felt the age difference was insupportable: he’s 34 and she’s 43. He also apparently was interested in exploring other relationships and, like Brad Pitt, he’s not someone who is comfortable with having “dastardly affairs.” So, he asked for a divorce. a break up. But the whole thing is amicable. Nothing like the acrimonious mudslinging that occurred when she divorced the arrogant, David Justice; or the slime that occurred when she divorced the alleged sex addict, Eric Benet.
Why can’t Halle hang on to her men? For such a beautiful and successful woman, this is a very disconcerting situation. Thankfully, she had enough sense not to marry this guy because, for sure, it would have been a mess. Next time, she should try to marry an ambassador, a doctor or a billionaire Russian oligarch. Preferably the latter. They are so bloody cute!
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