Spence Chapin, the snooty Upper East Side girls school to dump John Paulson from its executive board?

SPENCE CHAPIN TO DIVORCE PAULSON? Spence Board to divorce Paulson? The only thing I know about Spence is that Gwyneth Paltrow went there. Along with other rich kids whose parents, some of them, made their money on Wall Street and other places. New York Magazine had an article today, Will John Paulson’s Deal With Goldman Sachs Cost Him His Seat on the Board of Spence? The article  just strikes me as ironic, if not hypocritical to learn that some parents of kids at Spence are angling to kick Paulson off the board due to his involvement in the Goldman Sachs subprime derivatives scandal. I mean, come on. As if all those rich people who send their kids to Spence are qualified to judge a guy like Paulson. How did they make their money?