Divorce in the White House? Did President Obama cheat on Michelle with a woman named Vera Baker?

We are loathe to report this kind of slanderous story but the National Enquirer and Globe are making some very disturbing allegations about President Obama, a woman named Vera Baker, and, well, the state of his marriage to Michelle Obama.  The only reason we didn’t dismiss it outright is because the Enquirer was the one who broke the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter story. At first, like the rest of the country, we didn’t believe them with that one. We dismissed it all as slanderous lies. But it turns out the whole thing was true. Now, this. Can we trust the journalistic integrity of the National Enquirer? Or do we follow our instincts and dismiss this whole thing as slanderous lies? And is it relevant that their story goes back to 2004? So it’s not as if this is happening in real time. Even if it did happen, it preceded his run for the presidency and it’s been over. Michelle probably already knows about it and has already dealt with it….it’s not as if Michelle is going to divorce a catch like Barack Obama. She’ll claw that woman’s eyes out before that happens, I will bet money on that. But seriously, did this happen? Or is this a witch hunt that’s been paid for by the GOP?