PLANETARIUM: May 2010 divorce saloon horoscopes

Aries: Your stubborn attitude is very bad for your marriage and for your family’s morale. Get off your high horse and try some flexibility before you ruin everything.
Taurus: Emotional affairs are just as damaging as any other form of adultery. Notwithstanding the lies you keep feeding yourself, your behavior is inappropriate and potentially very destructive.
Gemini: Bankruptcy and divorce, among other horrors, are big enough stresses in your life at the moment; but it may not be your biggest problem. Get competent counsel quick. The shit is about to hit the fan.
Cancer: Keeping up appearances if fine to a point. But if it means habitual shopping sprees that stretch your husband’s (or wife’s) hard earned balance on their bank account to the limit? Not so fine. Get a job or get therapy. Or else….
Leo: The comeback kid, eh? That is what they call you and for the most part, it’s true. But this time may be different, so don’t for one minute think you got this. The truth is you’ve messed up big time and the mess may not be fixable. Have you considered that divorce may be the best solution for all?
Virgo: You settled for second best with your marriage to this person and you’re bitter. Instead of settling into the marriage, it gets harder and harder for you to fake satisfaction. You would be wise to hang in there though. The grass is not greener….
Libra: You suspect that something is going on with your spouse and you are not wrong. Your spouse is having an emotional affair. It’s serious. If you’re smart you’ll act swiftly. Do something!
Scorpio: Secrecy is your forte and you are lugging around a big secret that could well be a deal-breaker for your spouse. The good news is, if you continue to keep your mouth shut and tell no one, you may be able to pull this thing off.
Sagittarius: Freshly divorced? Buy yourself a little red convertible with some of the divorce settlement money (or what you saved from the good counsel you received in negotiating the settlement). This little thing will cheer you up tons, and who knows who you will meet?
Capricorn: Hopelessness permeates your life at the moment. But stop short of doing anything drastic. There’s life after divorce. Stay alive. You won’t believe what you get for an encore.
Aquarius: Pretense is your middle name these days. You are pretending about so much, in fact, that there’ s no truth left that you can discern. Actually, you can’t handle the truth if it hits you in the face, which is why you pretend. But this is unwise. Face up to the truth. Then take the necessary action. It’s best in the long run.
Pisces: Friends in high places can help you with the latest development in your personal life. Don’t be afraid or too proud to seek help. But keep it “legal” if you know what I mean.