MOSCOW: Supermodel Naomi Campbell is dating Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin but he refuses to divorce his wife Etkaterina

This is so delicious, and partially because I personally have a thing for handsome Russian billionaires. Too bad I don’t look like Naomi Campbell cause I wanna tell you, if I did, I’d be in Cannes so quick it would be ridiculous. (That’s where Naomi met Vlad) and I’d be snagging one of those bad boys and showing him all my jiggly parts I wanna tell you!
Well, anyway, while I worked on tightening my jiggly parts (tennis and crunches) so I can look more like Naomi (and increase my chances of snagging a Russian billionaire), I did catch the diva on television today doing a sit down with Oprah. And to my horror, it was revealed that her boyfriend, for whom she relocated to Moscow is actually married to a socialite named Etkaterina, has a teenage daughter with said socialite, and has been separated and living apart from the socialite beauty for a decade. That’s right 10 years! Now, if this James Bond look alike, Mr. Doronin, has not seen fit to divorce his ex after all this time (he’s been living with Naomi since 2008) will he ever divorce her? Or is he stringing Naomi along only to toss the British/Jamaican supermodel out on her impossibly firm tush when he tires of her in a few months? And will she be able to handle it and stay sober if he does that? Or will she relapse and spiral into drug and alcohol addiction again (she revealed to Oprah she used to take cocaine and alcohol but is now rehabbed)?
Hme…maybe that lifestyle is not all its cracked up to be. Naomi seems to have a penchant for getting herself into trouble notwithstanding (sorry for the digression) but she seemsto be under pressure to give information to authorities about former Liberian president Charles Taylor who reportedly gave her “blood diamonds” when she was a guest of Nelson Mandela’s. Was this guy trying to marry the supermodel or just wow her or what? This diamond was supposedly absolutely huge and it was uncut as well. Naomi has told Oprah she doesn’t want to discuss it. I can’t say I blame her. So many other pirates have stolen so much blood diamonds in Africa. It’s totally disgraceful. But why pick on one piece that Naomi got all in the name of prosecuting the Liberian strong man? I don’t blame her for keeping her mouth shut on that. But she’ll probably get subpoenaed.
Ok. But back to the Russian billionaire boyfriend. (omghe’ssohot!!!) It’s totally not fair that women like Naomi get to look how they look and have all they have and still snag arm candy like Vladislav. I mean, you can see he’s all man. Testosterone, darling. That’s what I’m talking about. Naomi even says it, that he tells her what to do and she’s a strong woman, so you know he is man to the hilt! Just how I like em. But why won’t he divorce his wife? What kind of game he is playing? I think he does that to keep women at bay, so he has an excuse of why he can’t make a commitment. And what about the ex wife? Why does she stay chained to a man (who is living with someone else) for ten years when they have been estranged for that long? They are both playing games I think.
Well, maybe not. Maybe he’s serious about Naomi. An online Russian newspaper is claiming that Vlad has let slip his plans to marry Naomi and have fellow Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s girlfriend Dasha Zhukova as the bridesmaid:

Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend has spoken about the couple’s plans for a wedding, according to an online Russian newspaper.
Moscow millionaire Vladislav Doronin, 47, is quoted saying that Roman Abramovich’s partner Dasha Zhukova would be the supermodel’s bridesmaid.
Online newspaper quoted the tycoon saying: ‘I can’t say it took us long to decide who will be bridesmaid.

Hme…ok. Well, if he makes an honest woman of Naomi, that would be great. It sure looks like whatever she’s getting in Russia agrees with her. The diva was beaming and healthy looking on Oprah this afternoon – upping the eat your heart out ante by several notches.
Alright. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I’m going to do some crunches. I’m a fat pig! I wanna look like Naomi!
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