CALIFORNIA: Homeless woman kills sister in law then drives around for hours with dead body in car

The Associated Press is reporting that a homeless woman, Sandra Lee Kotz, shot and killed her sister in law who was trying to get her off the streets. Her sister in law Ellen Ann Bayless was divorced from her brother a number of years but, I guess, had good intentions when she took it upon herself to walk down the paved road to her death, by interfering with this person’s business. Says the Associated Press:

48-year-old Sandra Lee Kotz was found armed before dawn Sunday sitting on a curb near the car. Cirilo says Kotz then pointed to the car and the body was found inside. Kotz was booked for investigation of murder in the death of 58-year-old Ellen Ann Bayless. Jail officials say Kotz has no attorney. Cirilo says Bayless was divorced from Kotz’s brother and Bayless was trying to help her get off the street

 What is the moral of this story? We know what they say about the road to hell. But what else can be gleaned from this?