Laura Bush’s memoir, Spoken from the Heart, reveals that “divorce is not in her DNA”

First Lady Laura Bush has written a memoir and appears on Oprah Winfrey’s show today to promote the book, Spoken from the Heart. In the book she spills many secrets, including a 1963 car accident in which, as the driver of the car, she was responsible for the death of a friend. What was most interesting is that Mrs. Bush reveals that there came a point in her marriage where her husband, former president George W. Bush had developed a serious drinking problem that came to head on a weekend celebration for their mutual 40th birthday. But she claims she never considered divorce, contrary to popular folklore that she told him, “it’s either Jim Beam or me.” Don’t ask, I personally have  no idea what Jim Beam is. But I am assuming it is some sort of alcoholic beverage. Mrs. Bush denies the veracity of the folklore, however. She claims she would never have left George and she wouldn’t have let him leave her with twins, Jenna and Barbara. She says her husband quit cold turkey at age 40 and that “divorce is not in our DNA.” She is obviously from a whole different generation. It would be totally shocking if a couple like that ever got divorced….but golly, Mrs. Bush does seem to be wired just a little bit tight. I mean she’s lovely. Really, really lovely. Like a summer perfume. But she does seem wired a wee bit tight.
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