MISSOURI: Bill purports to make divorce harder but does it make domestic violence easier?

Is this a case of heterosexual marriage promotion gone wrong? Are are pundits over-reacting to the true essence of this proposed legislature that purports to make divorce harder and strengthen heterosexual marriage? Says Midwest Voices:

House Bill 1234 claims to promote “heterosexual marriage” by making divorce more difficult; what it really does is to strip away hard-won protections for the victims of domestic violence. Indeed, the bill’s proposals are so one-sided, it should be renamed “The Full Protection of Batterers Act.”
The proposals start by limiting divorce to cases of mutual consent or “marital irresponsibility.” Marital irresponsibility, however, includes domestic abuse only in cases of “serious spousal abuse involving injury to petitioner where petitioner was not the initiator of physical violence” or a “history of serious emotional or physical abuse.”

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