Ball player Dwayne Wade's estranged wife Siohvaughn sues actress Gabrielle Union

Siohvaughn Wade, estranged wife of Miami Heat talent Dwayne Wade sues actress Gabrielle Union because, among other things, Mrs.Wade says Gabrielle gets “bigger gifts” from Wade than his own children and this, ostensibly, has led to Mrs. Wade the children’s emotional distress. Wade counters that Mrs. Wade should be psychologically examined. Plus, he’s up for a new contract as a free agent this summer and he wants this thing resolved so that he can focus on the $127 million worth of work he will have to perform in order to earn his keep. Siohvaugh’s got new lawyers too because her previous lawyers asked to be relieved from her service. They told they court they had reached an”impasse” with their client. Read more for yourself from the Associated Press as this thing sounds potentially exhausting and I have to attend my cat who continues to use the oriental rug in the formal dining room as his very own personal latrine. Clearly, I don’t have the strength to decipher this ridiculousness from Dwayne and Siohvaugh Wade and actress Gabrielle Union.
….The Associated Press