CALIFORNIA: Jamie McCourt gets $225,000 per month maintenance, not $1,000,000

Associated Press is reporting that Dodgers Diva Jamie McCourt got only about 25% of the temporary maintenance she sought, pending the trial and judgment of divorce from husband Frank McCourt. The sports moguls are warring over who owns the Dodgers and a trial date has been set so that they can put on their case and let the judge decide. In the meantime, Jamie had petitioned the court for one million dollars a month for maintenance and to enable her to pay mortgages on seven of their properties. She also sought attorneys fees. But the judge gave her considerable less than she asked, but double what Frank has offered to pay her:

Jamie McCourt will get to keep up her lavish lifestyle. It just won’t be quite as lavish as she had hoped. A judge on Friday ordered that McCourt, the estranged wife of Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, will get $225,000 a month in temporary spousal support and that her husband will have to pay $412,159 a month for the pair’s six homes and a condominium. She had asked for nearly $1 million in support and mortgage payments.

Like Justine Musk, Jamie McCourt seems to have signed a post-nup that has come back to haunt her. She claims her husband is worth roughly $1.5 billion. Coming up: Which is better, a prenup or a post nup? Check back soon for the answer.
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