ITALY: Milan hosts Italy’s first divorce fair says BBC News

ITALY: The first divorce fair in Italy was held this weekend. It was organized by a gentleman who said he was inspired by the Austrians in planning Italy’s soiree. While divorce is still largely frowned upon in Italy (the Catholic Church admonishes and discourages believers from divorce) the rates of divorce are rising steadily nonetheless. The fair aimed to remove some of the stigma, provide support services, and of course, expose potential clients to legal professionals. “Services include life coaching, beauty tips and advice on how to get rid of ex-spouses who turn into stalkers. The fair, Ex? Punto e a capo, meaning ‘turning over a new leaf’, includes workshops and stalls on not just the process of divorce, but how to adapt to living alone again. There will be a special speed-dating evening, as well as art therapy and spa offers to raise self-esteem, say organisers.”

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