CALIFORNIA: Did divorce attorney Catherine Brame, 52, embezzle $44,000 from her client?

Mark and Tracey Naulls of  Rancho Cucamonga have allegedly accused their attorney Catherine Brame of embezzlement. The attorney allegedly was supposed to put $44,000 from the proceeds of their divorce in a trust account but instead put it into her business account back in 2008, without their permission. The attorney was just arrested this May and charged with embezzlement. Says the Pasadena Star:

  According to investigative reports attached to her court file, one of Brame’s divorce clients was a Riverside County man who jointly owned two Juice It Up stores with his wife.When the client, Mark Naulls, sold one of the stores in July 2008 for a profit of about $81,000, the money was placed in a trustee account maintained by Brame, according to reports.
Two months later, only $15.74 remained in the account, though Brame was asked to transfer only about $37,000. More than $43,000 was unaccounted for. By December of last year, Naulls had hired a new attorney to represent him in his divorce case.
In a court hearing that month before Judge Becky Dugan, Brame was ordered to account for the money that had been placed in the trustee account.

The Pasadena Star claims that the attorney has pleaded not guilty but remains jailed in lieu of a $70,000 bond. What was she thinking? This woman was admitted to the California bar in 1987. So she’s no inexperienced lass. There has to be a logical explanation for this. No attorney in their right mind would so something so completely stupid and risk getting disbarred and incarcerated. Some logical explanation exists. First of all, why did this take two years before the couple discovered the money was gone? This is weird. What was this woman thinking?