ITALY: Berlusconi and wife Veronica may have reached settlement agreement

Prime Minister of Italy, the incomparably virile Silvio Berlusconi, and his statuesque wife Veronica Lario, hashed it out in a court in Milan on Saturday, and according to Reuters, they may have reached a settlement in their divorce, or are pretty darned close to it. The couple, who have been married twenty years and have been separated since last may when Veronica had a hissy fit after her 73 year old husband attended the 18th birthday party of an aspiring model in Naples by the name of Naomi Letizia, remain estranged and there is no sign that a reconciliation is even remotely possible at this time. It’s not as if Veronica doesn’t know a thing or two about her husband’s cheating ways. Says Time Online UK:

Legal sources said that the couple, who began a passionate affair thirty years ago and had children while Mr Berlusconi was still married to his first wife, Carla dall’Oglio, had “coldly shaken hands” after nearly five hours of talks at the Milan courthouse. The outcome had been “satisfactory”.

Under Italian divorce laws, a couple must remain separated for at least 3 years before a divorce can be granted. So there is still hope for a reconciliation. In the meantime, they have been going at each other in court in a series of hard ball negotiation sessions with their respective attorneys. Veronica is very concerned about the fate of their three children and their future in their father’s business empire. Mr. Berlusconi, like Donald Trump, has remained very close to his children of his first marriage, Marina and Piersilivio, and they both have high ranks in his business. Understandably, Veronica is looking out for her little pookies, Luigi,  Barbara and Eleonora, and she wants to make sure they get their fair share. Since, as the Irish Times puts it:

It is his two children by his first marriage who play the most prominent roles in his media empire. His son Piersilvio is vice-chairman of broadcaster Mediaset while his daughter Marina chairs holding company Fininvest and publishing arm Mondadori.

But not to confuse anyone, all three of Mrs. Lario’s children with her billionaire hubby, already hold positions in his companies. So it is really a question of what percentage stake they will get. (It’s the kind of converstation Marla and Melania may have with Donald Trump one day when you consider the head start Ivanka, Donald Junior and Eric(?) have over Tiffany and Baron).
In the meantime, Mr. Berlusconi is said to have agreed to allow his estranged wife to remain in the multi-million dollar Villa Belvedere, her mansion at Macherio near Milan, but the billionaire prime minister balked at her demand for monthly maintenance to the tune of $4.7 million dollars (and you thought Jamie McCourt and Jacqueline Getty were avaricious?) and has agreed to pay her approximately 300.000 Euros (which, when you really think about it, must be a big joke).
In any event, a deal is near.
Say, what do you think of Mrs. Berlusconi’s assertions that her husband is a sex addict? And if so, should he seek treatment?
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