Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court? Is a never married, never divorced 50 year old lesbian the right pick?

President Obama to pick Elena Kagan to replace Justice Stevens?
All I see on the Internet about possible Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is that she’s this 50 year old who never married, has no kids (she’s not a mother!!!) and so she’s a lesbian. And somehow that’s supposed to impact her qualifications to serve the highest court of the land. First of all, while it’s no slur to suggest an unmarried 50 year old woman without kids must be a lesbian, it is slightly ignorant at the same time. I mean, if she is a lesbian it’s irrelevant. But so many women don’t have children for one reason or another (and short hair) and they are not lesbians. It could be infertility issues. It could be she never found the right father for her children. It could be that she made the choice that there are enough children in this troubled world and she has no desire to bring more children into it. It could be anything. That does not prove she’s a “lesbian.” If she were a lesbian I think she’d be more, not less inclined to have kids. Lesbians seem to like kids more than not. 
The same is true for her marital state. Just because she’s single doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian. Again, stupid. First of all, the jury is out on how many 50 year old married women are actually lesbians hiding behind the institution. But even so, maybe the woman’s just really bad at picking em and so she never lucked out in that department. She has bad experiences or whatever, and she choose instead to focus on her career. So what? Or maybe she just likes to be alone. There are so many explanations for her marital state and being lesbian, while possible, is not necessarily the accurate explanation. Not every single, motherless woman is a lesbian, folks. Isn’t the whole point of being a lesbian to get yourself a female partner anyways? When did lesbian mean a never married woman living alone and over a certain age? The definition of lesbian is not to be by yourself. It is to be with a woman! To have a relationship with a woman! Is she doing that? Well, I guess a lesbian could also be single…..Well, whatever. I don’t really care. I just still think it’s slightly stupid the way folks jump to the conclusion that an unmarried woman getting on in age must be a lesbian. WTF?Again, there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian. But it is just slightly distasteful for people to make that judgment about Ms. Kagan or any other woman just because she’s single. And ignorant because there are many lesbians with kids. And many lesbians who are married and passing as straight. And even if they are not married, lesbians are shacking up like common law spouses–as opposed to living alone. So if Ms. Kagan were really a lesbian, I am sure she’d have a partner and they would be shacking up and probably have adopted a kid or two. So….?
But what does that have to do with her qualifications as a Supreme Court justice anyways even if she were so inclined? What, is she going to be a champion for gay marriage and divorce rights? Is that it? That can’t be the extent of it? There are so many pressing issues in this country other than gay marriage and divorce. I am sure Ms. Kagan can speak intelligently to a plethora of other issues. The world doesn’t rise on fall on the issue of gay marriage and divorce.
It would be amazing to have three women on the Supreme Court at once. That would be the first in history. The great thing about Kagan is that she’s never served on the bench (she’s a Harvard professor and Dean –currently on leave–and she’s Solicitor General of the United States) So that’s bringing a diversity of experience that is unusual. It’s nice he’s picking another woman. I would have been even more excited if he picked a highly qualified black female justice. Or an Asian. But you know what, it’s okay. The balance is slowly shifting on the court and it’s not going to be so patriarchal (you hear that all you white males! 🙂 ) anymore. That’s great.
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