Seriously, when will Tori and Dean divorce? My predictions

Tori and Dean are fighting for their marriage and that is commendable. But the only way to save their marriage is for them to stop doing their reality show Home Sweet Hollywood. The lack of privacy and the exposure has left their marriage naked and exposed. It is good for their bank accounts, but ultimately, it is bad for their relationship. Dean can hardly hide his annoyance, fed-upness and boredom. He plays the role in this reality freak show, but he’s had it. He’s hanging on by his teeth and Tori is oblivious. She can’t see it. Even if she can, she has no idea how to stop her marriage from rolling down the mountain. The only good thing is that like Kate Gosselin, she can hold her own and do the show without Dean. It will be interesting watching her date new men and go through the angst of a single  mother dating in Hollywood. Dean on the other hand is finished without Tori. No one would tune it to watch him on a reality show. But I am sure he will get spousal support from her.
This marriage will probably be over by the end of 2011 if not before. They will fight over custody and Dean will suddenly not want the kids to be in a reality show. Tori will suddenly say that Dean is a bad father. Her mother will have a “I told you so smirk” that she will be unable to wipe off her face. Tori will be sad and depressed for a while. But she can and will regroup and Oxygen will still run her show which will be called something else, like Tori without Dean, plus two. Believe me the producers see the handwriting on the wall and already they are making this less about the relationship between Tori and Dean and more about whatever else they can find that doesn’t put Dean too much in the forefront. Dean is not stupid. He knows this.
So, what is really ailing this marriage? Other than the lack of privacy and the boredom? Tori’s ambition is also marginally toxic. Those three things, plus the fact that Dean has all this adrenaline and testosterone that Tori alone can’t use up. It’s done. It doesn’t matter how often they renew their vows. These two are highly unlikely to grow old together. Matter of fact, they are unlikely to see their daughter go to kindergarten as a married couple. But it’s still cute that they are renewing their vows. They get an A for effort. Poor babies.