GEORGIA: Tonya Craft acquitted; but were the child abuse charges payback for her own allegations of sexual abuse against others?

Kindergarten teacher Tonya Craft has been acquitted of sexual molestation of three little girls in her class.

Tonya Craft, a kindergarten teacher at Chickamauga Elementary School in Chickamauga, Ga., is on trial in Catoosa County for 22 counts of child molestation and other charges. Since being arrested and charged in 2008, Craft has maintained her innocence. The Tonya Craft trial had been a local media soap opera until Thursday, when NBC’s Today Show entourage descended upon Chickamauga to give local merchants’ a pay day. On the “Today” show Thursday morning, reporter Michelle Kosinski and legal pundit Dan Abrams put together a piece called “Witch Hunt or Child Molester” [Personal Money Blog]

Her acquittal came at a high price including loss of her home, her job, her reputation and even half a million dollars of her parents’ money. But her freedom is worth every dime I’m sure. The case is peculiar in terms of the timing, though. These allegations against this Georgia kindergarten teacher came just about a month after she raised sexual molestation charges against someone else. How weird is that?
Crazily, the judge in the case against Ms. Craft was her husband’s attorney in their contentious divorce!  Could this whole media circus have been orchestrated for revenge against Craft? Or was it just karma? Sometimes, that’s how life works, it throws you into the pit you tried to dig for others. Did she accuse her husband of abusing their daughter? I’m not so sure who she accused. But it appears that she accused someone else in a separate case, of molesting kids. She certainly would not be the first woman to accuse her husband of sexual abuse of the children post-divorce. It happens too often. It is a hedge against the court allowing the former spouse to have any visitation or custody of the children. But it is a form of character assassination that is purely evil. Did Craft try to character assassinate her husband in order to gain the upper hand and get custody? If so, she lost big time, because he now has custody of the girls and look what happened to her?
At the same time, what if this whole trial was orchestrated purely for revenge, to character assassinate her so the he could win custody? Even if he is innocent of any wrong doing himself, could he have been a part of a revenge plot against his ex wife?
It is very sketchy, this whole thing. Good for her that she was acquitted if she is innocent. Most people seem to feel she was wrongly accused. Others think it’s just a matter of “unproven allegations.” Now that she’s been acquitted, she will be able to either get custody of her girls, or liberal visitation… A pit of snakes. That is what she probably fell into. Look at what they did to her name and reputation though. Wow.
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