NEW YORK: Matt Lauer and Roque to divorce? Rumor mills are buzzing that NBC anchor and wife Annette are on the rocks

Breaking divorce news
Gossip, Gossip, Gossip. I hate gossip. So I will keep this one short. Rumor has it that Today host Matt Lauer and Wife Annette Roque have separated and are living in separate residences (they share the house in the Hamptons). True or false? Who knows. They’ve had problems in the past and the Chicago Sun Times claims Annette filed for divorce in 2006 but later retracted it. I don’t know them personally. The closest I ever got to Matt was last December crushed up against him in Saks’ elevator.  It was unbelievable that I was that close to celebrity, I have to tell you. I could barely breathe. I was surprised, though by how diminutive he was. He’s a little guy, all skinny and narrow-faced. He looks a lot bigger on TV.
Well, whatever the truth of these divorce rumors, I wish them both the best. I’m sure they had a really good prenup and I would be surprised if they had fights over their three lovely little children.