CALIFORNIA: Justine Musk is author of the best little divorce blog in Bel Air and she's also that woman in a "messy and publicized divorce"

Justine Musk is a writer and a good one, I hear. Judging from her divorce blog (one of a small number of divorce blogs written by divorcees), I would say that her writing is not half bad. She is frank, honest, and spills all the beans. Sort of what I do when I sit down to write tell all non-fiction books that nobody actually buys. Justine, unlike me, is a published author of New York Times best selling books.
Her blog is getting a lot of press (Gawker, Reuters) and I think it’s because it is so unusual, if not unprecedented, for women of her “milieu” (wildly affluent, privileged, trophy wives) to write play by play accounts of their divorce on a blog. So, on her latest post, she calls herself “that woman in a messy publicized divorce.” And I thought, “Justine, you are the one who is publicizing it with this blog!” But on the other hand, I like her blog and her raw honesty and all the juicy tidbits she gives. As for the “messiness” of it, well, they are having contentions and disagreements over the money (it’s always about the money) and so that makes it a bit hairy. But not necessarily messy. Messy is what Peter Brandt and Stephanie Seymour are having where the husband accuses the wife of drug use and insist that she gets urine tests to prove her sobriety. Messy is even Jamie and Frank McCourt. Messy is Heather Mills and Paul McCartney.
Nothing the Musks have done so far is messy. It’s just interesting. And it’s publicized because Justine has decided to write a blog about it. I am sure it’s totally cathartic in the same way that writing for this blog is cathartic for me, but if she doesn’t want a publicized divorce, maybe she should consider not writing the blog that tells the entire globe exactly what is happening, play by play, in her divorce proceedings.
What does Justine want from Elon to settle this thing?

The house
alimony and child support
6 million cash
10 percent of his stock in Tesla
5 percent of his stock in SpaceX
(and he retains all voting rights)
and a Tesla Roadster (I really, really want one…)

Is that all that much? The one thing you can say about Justine is that she doesn’t sound bitter. She sounds like she’s really accepted the situation, has no hard feelings, and just really wants to get her fair share of the spoils of their marriage. And she should get what’s fair. It’s only fair. I like the way she describes the situation she and women of her milieu are in, of how she describes her husband and men like him:

Someone mentioned in the comments section that my last post seemed “defensive” and I have to admit that, yeah, it came from a wounded place. Because the default cultural narrative for a woman in my position goes like this: You’re a crazy golddigging bitch out to steal what doesn’t belong to you from an innocent and hardworking man. And sometimes this is true. Whether it’s true in my case is not up to me to decide; people have the right to make up their own minds (assuming they bother to care).
But what that narrative doesn’t seem to consider is the extreme power imbalance that often exists between the men and women in my social milieu. These are brilliant, self-made men with a tremendous amount of business and financial savvy, surrounded by friends, peers and advisors who will help them protect their interests. These men do not walk into marriage with a naive, “happily ever after” kind of attitude (and if they do, others will work to disabuse them of it). The law is in place to protect both partners from such an imbalance: prenuptials and postnuptials must be drafted according to rules and procedures. If those procedures aren’t followed correctly, that protection is no longer in place, and you have a problem.

Yea, that’s good writing. And it nails it on the head, the ridiculous situation, the imbalance between men and women the world over. This won’t be a problem in gay marriages and divorces. But still, to a large extent, men and women are not “equal” in a heterosexual marriage. Especially in those marriages involving vast wealth. Unless the woman inherited it from her daddy, chances are it is the husband who made the money. These men are brilliant, savvy and well-connected. It is still largely an old-boys network. And it is unrealistic to expect a woman to marry into this type of lifestyle and then when the marriage fails, for her to walk off into the sunset the way she came into the marriage with nothing but the clothes on her back. Frankly, if all Justine is asking for is $6 million, I’d say she was a bargain wife, considering Elon is a billionaire. What the hell can she do with $6 million these days? She’s giving new meaning to the term “cheap date” all things considering, I’d say.
But yea, if she doesn’t want the publicity, she should stop blogging. She should also relax this notion that her divorce is messy; it’s not that messy. Her husband should be ashamed of himself to fight her for $6 million dollars, though. He’s a friggin billionaire. She gave him five sons. She married him before he made the money. Why not settle?….oh, I get it. That’s why she writes the blog, to shame him into settling with her. There’s a method to her madness. She is Tricia Walsh Smith trying to shame her husband into a reasonable settlement. It’s just that she’s got a nice venue with her blog where she gets to edit to make sure it has the right tone, and Trisha, well, youtube was probably a mistake for poor Tricia….
Whatever. I have to leave to take the kids to the library. But I just thought I”d throw this up to say that Justine has the best little divorce blog in Bel Air. Don’t you think?