Divorce & Hair: Is there a connection?

Have you seen the Bravo show, Tabitha Salon Takeover? It’s all about hair and I have to tell you, that woman is scary! So, I see an episode of the show for the first time (am I becoming a reality TV junkie or what?) and I think, wow, how can I spin this into a post on a divorce blog?
Well, I figure, look, I’m sure there are guys who divorce their wives over her hair. (BTW did you get last week’s GOOP? It was likewise all about hair. Can you please explain to me how Gwynnie could have dissed us ethnic girls so thoroughly by failing to mention any hair tips or feature any ethnic models in the newsletter about hair. I’m like her biggest fan and I was like, “hey, ‘xuse me Ms. Paltrow. What about us?  What she doesn’t think us ethnic girls read her stuff and follow her and admire her and want tips about our hair?)
Anyways. Divorce and hair. Hair is a very serious thing. For some races and ethnic groups, it seems to be an even bigger deal-breaker than it is for other groups. But rest assured, all races of human beings have a thing, an obsession if you may, with hair. Men, I am told, like long hair. (That could explain my marital status at the moment) and some men won’t even look at a woman who doesn’t have the “right hair.”  It’s the “crowing glory” so without it, a woman pretty much does not have a crown; and so, presumably, not worth marrying or staying married to.
It is conceivable that a man could divorce his wife is she did something to her hair that he didn’t like: cut it, dye it, shave it, extend it, weave it, perm it, relax it, let it go grey, or keep it in an unsanitary condition. These guys skew towards not liking big shock changes to a woman’s hair. It’s like you go home sporting a smart new haircut and his reaction is an angry “grow it back!” Or you dye it another color and he acts like he doesn’t even know who you are. He starts giving you the silent treatment. He refuses sex….how am I doing with this? It feels lame. But how is it reading?
Divorce and hair. Ok. I guess what I’m trying to get at, or to ask is whether anybody out there was dumped because of an issue with their hair. Look, if you know someone or if it happened to you, write in and let us know the backstory, will ya?
Ok. Me and my dreadlocks have to go get ready for our tennis lesson.
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