Has your out of control eating resulted in divorce threats from your spouse?

The reason I ask is because I just finished, in under one hour, an entire pumpkin pie all by myself. I made it from a can of pumpkin mush and a pie crust that was sitting in the fridge and goddarnit, it was delicious. Plus I was bored. And even though I had a lot to eat today, I still went ahead, and piece by piece, devoured an entire pie by myself. Yes, I know. This could mean an eating disorder. This is not about the eating. It’s something else. At least, that’s what Oprah said some time last week when she did a show about over-eating and being fat. Thankfully, even though I regularly refer to myself as a fat pig, I”m not really all that fat. I’m not fat at all actually. I’m still at a body weight that most people would consider normal for my height, age and frame. But I feel fat. Because I overeat. I do. And a lot of it is bad. Really bad. Sweet, sugary and totally, utterly sinful. Why do I do this?
Do you do this? Do you over-eat? And has this begun to take a toll on your marriage? I can see how it could. Especially if you are unlucky and you don’t have a fast metabolism like I do. Who has a metabolism like I do? Under normal circumstances I would be 400 pounds! I should be 400 pounds. I eat that much. But what if you’re not like me and your metabolism is slow and you’re married to someone who just doesn’t want to deal with a fat spouse and who threatens you with divorce if you don’t stop eating? What do you do?
I can tell you right now, as I type this post, I am filled with self-loathing. I hate that I have so little self-control with my eating.¬† It doesn’t matter that in an hour I’m going to exercise (tennis). I still overate and it’s inappropriate. What about you? When you overeat do you at least try to exercise? Or do you let it sit there and grow wings on your hips and a fetus in your gut?¬† That’s the problem. You can’t let your overeating distort your figure. It’s a bad enough sin to be a hog like that. But to look like a hog is not okay. And I use the word hog with great affection. Only hogs over-eat like that we have to admit. I mean what type of person eats and entire pumpkin pie in one hour? Nobody should have to put up with that or stay married to that. It’s unhealthy, inappropriate and just wrong.
I’m not preaching. I’m just putting that out there. I feel sick. I should not have eaten that much pie. Oh God.