MASSACHUSETTS: Adam B. Wheeler, the scammer who forged his way into Harvard cannot blame his parents' divorce for his lies

Have you ever noticed how people like to blame their parents for everything?  As soon as I heard about Adam B. Wheeler who was arrested yesterday for scamming his way into Harvard, forging his professor’s signature, plagiarizing a professor, trying to scam his way into Yale, and attempting to obtain Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships with “falsified documents” I immediately thought, “oh my. His parents must be divorced.” But they aren’t. Actually, it was they who stepped in and stopped his fraud according to

The parents of a former Harvard University student accused of forging documents and conning his way into Harvard intervened when he attempted to apply to Yale University, prosecutors said today. Adam B. Wheeler’s parents stepped in after receiving a telephone call from Yale about his application. The parents, Richard and Lee Wheeler, then forced their son to tell the caller that the application was false and that he had been kicked out of Harvard.

Wow. And guess how Adam got into Harvard in the first place? He claimed to have obtained a 4.0 GPA from M.I.T.! It sort of makes you wonder if Harvard doesn’t require certified transcripts from incoming students? How does something like this happen in an institution like that? That’s crazy. But even crazier is Adam’s brazenness. The boy seems completely divorced from reality. Here’s what else the Harvard Crimson had to say about Wheeler’s “web of lies.”

On the document, Wheeler called himself the “co-author” of four books with English Professor Marc Shell that are either under contract or under review with several major university presses. Willis G. Regier, director of University of Illinois Press, said in an interview Wednesday that “Wampum and the Origins of American Money” is indeed under contract with UIP, but Shell is the only name listed on the contract for the work.
“I had no knowledge of [Wheeler’s] involvement whatsoever in the project,” said Regier, who is the editor of the book and added that the project has been ongoing for years.
Wheeler also listed himself as the co-author of a book under contract and another project under review with McGill-Queen’s University Press. But the press’ marketing director Susan McIntosh said that Wheeler “is completely unknown to us,” and that his name would be on a contract if he was a co-author for a project.

Does anyone think he may have a pathology?