SAUDIA ARABIA: Police attacked by lovestruck woman on a date in Al-Mubarraz

AOL News is reporting that a young Saudi Woman, 20, who was out on a date with a young man, attacked a police officer in downtwon Al-Mubarraz after the police officer tried to arrest her for socializing with an unmarried man. The officer works for the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice – a religious task force in Saudi Arabia and their job is prevent immorality such as fornication, divorce and appearing in public without veil. Oh, and to prevent women from driving too. Women can’t drive in Saudi Arabia.
According to AOL, local Saudis have lauded the woman’s actions even though she landed the officer in the hospital with cuts and bruises. Her date had collapsed for some reason and was unable to defend either himself or her….maybe she should think about that, about whether a marriage with that guy would survive or whether it would just end in divorce.