NEW YORK: Does Real Housewife of New York newcomer Sonya Morgan regret her divorce?

I’ve become a reality TV junkie overnight. Well, in the last couple of months. It’s because of the logistics of my situation at the moment, and I won’t elaborate. But, so, I”ve been watching Bravo a lot and I can’t believe I haven’t been watching a lot of these shows. I love these shows. They actually inspire me to be more rather than less creative and entrepreneurial.
So, I’m listening and observing these house-wives. And, let’s see, Kelly is divorced? No. Not Kelly. Kelly is weird, psycho, crazy and maybe a little bit sad. But not divorced I don’t think. Bethany has a lot going for her and all the others are jealous and eating their hearts out for a global audience to see their coveteousness. It’s disgusting when women can’t rein in their jealousy. That is Jill. She is the most jealous person. She is so jealous of Bethany, she’s turned green. Is she divorced? No. She has a husband. The are weirdly mismatched. They just don’t go together. Who is divorced? Oh, the Countess. I think we did a post on the Countess last year but we didn’t elaborate because it didn’t get a lot of hits and we just didn’t think she was all that relevant. But after two years on Bravo, I guess she’s become a star so maybe we should have given her story more coverage. Then there is Alex. She is interesting, the White Michelle Obama. I swear, color that girl and she looks exactly like the first lady. Is she married? I still can’t figure that out. But I don’t think she’s divorced.
But Sonya is divorced and she seems really vulnerable and maybe even regretful. Of course, she only started on the show about a month ago. She was married to some old-world, old-money guy. And he left her an incredible town house on the Upper East side. But what is the townhouse without the man? For many socialites like her, it ain’t quite nothing. Now, she tries to make money by “commercializing herself.” Inneresting.
What about Bethany’s new show? Will this be a jinx to her new family and marriage? I think so. She’s got a Tori Spelling fantasy going on. And of course, the shows are good for her books and DVDs and other commercial endeavors. But in the end, I think she will end up with a premature divorce. Then she’ll be getting dumb plastic surgery procedures like Sonya.
Hey but at least she’s rich.