NEVADA: Steve Wynn divorce updates for May 19, 2010: HE DUMPS ANDREA!!!

Remember how billionaire Vegas casino tycoon Steve Wynn dumped wife of 46 years Elaine Wynn last year so that he could legally do the hanky panky with Brit divorcee Andrea Hissom? Well, guess what? According to the New York Post, Steve’s dumped Andrea. He’s dumped her! And he isn’t giving her a dime of his billions. (He gave Elaine nearly half in their divorce settlement.)
Steve and Elaine’s divorce is said to be one of the most expensive in history. It was also the most hush hush. Elaine is not Justine Musk. She did not write a blog about the whole sordid mess. But then again, Elaine is not a writer. She’s a hotelier like her husband. It must have been devastating for her when he fell for the winsome Andrea on the French Riviera. (Steve and Andrea’s romance reportedly “bloomed” on the French Rivieva.”) Well, according to Robin Leach, they met in St. Barts on a Yacht but fell in love in the South of France.

Casino tycoon Steve Wynnhas split with his girlfriend of less than two years, British divorcée Andrea Hissom, sources tell Page Six. The Las Vegas billionaire dumped his wife of 46 years, Elaine, after meeting mother-of-two Hissom on the French Riviera in late 2008. A source told us, “Andrea is devastated and is moving back from Vegas to London. She dropped everything to be with Steve Wynn and now feels she has been left with nothing. He didn’t give her any money and told her he was returning to his wife.” NYP.
Crazily but not surprisingly, according to the Post, Steve is going back to Elaine a third time. Remember how those two divorced in the sixties or something and then got married again? And remember how we predicted a third marriage for those two? It could happen. But don’t count on it yet. Robin Leach (who should know) says on his website Vegas Deluxe:
Steve told Friess that it was the most expensive U.S. divorce of all time. Now friends are already wondering if Steve and Elaine will wind up back together a third time! I didn’t get that sense when I spoke with him. “It’s the first time in my life I have been single. Things always work for the best. I’m OK about where I am. For the moment, I am really going to enjoy being a bachelor,” he said.
In fact, the now 68-year-old billionaire bachelor has been out solo on the town several times in recent days: He attended the Toots & the Maytals poolside concert at the Hard Rock Hotel Beach Club on Friday night and Sunday’s 2010 Miss USA Pageant at Planet Hollywood as a guest of good friend Donald Trump.
Wow. So what was this thing with Andrea all about? Did he throw away his marriage for nothing? Certainly, at 68, you can’t accuse the guy of having a midlife crisis. So what was that?

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