Divorcing the femme fatale: Is Elin Woods taking Tiger to the cleaners, hijacking his kids and writing a tell all book?

She is blonde, beautiful and bodacious (and reportedly going back to college….she didn’t have a college degree???) and now Elin Woods is standing up for some respect from her husband, former golfing great, Tiger Woods. And guess what? Reports are that she wants $750 million to go away. But Tiger is only worth a billion. So what will he be left with? Let’s see….doing the math….$250 million? Is that right? Wow. Intense. That she would have the balls to ask for that much is intense….and she wants sole custody of their two adorable tots according to a Huff Post article. And she doesn’t want to sign to say she won’t slam him in a tell all book…wow. Femme Fatale, thy name is Elin!
I personally don’t believe any of these rumors. I think Elin and Tiger are going to fight for their marriage and defy the odds. He just has to win a major tournament. That’s sort of a mutual aphrodisiac, I suspect.