LONDON: Sarah Ferguson a gold-digger? No wonder Andrew divorced the former Duchess of York!

LONDON: Huff Post is reporting that former Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson was caught selling Andrew out for $750,000. She was caught in a sting laid for her by an undercover reporter posing as a businessman.She was selling “access” to the Prince to be exact. Access. She gets you a meeting, you pay her $750,000. Talk about a goldmine for the little gold-digger. Some commenters on blogs suggest that Andrew knew about this and he was basically using Sarah as a pimp to raise money – a kind of Bonnie and Clyde operation, if you may. But I see this in a whole different way. I think that Sarah did this without Andrew’s knowledge and she has done it before, and it’s how she finances her posh lifestyle, what other sources of income does she have? Especially in this economy?
It kinda makes you wonder whether Andrew knew that Sarah sees him as a gold mine? And it begs the question whether that could have factored into their divorce years back? And aren’t they cohabiting those two? Weird. Very weird. And, according to media reports, she is “devastated” with shame by her behavior. Arguably, she should be. Because this is obviously not the first time she has done this. She must have grown a reputation for doing this and that is exactly why someone tipped off the press, and so the press was able to trap her and videotape her like that. She should definitely hang her head in shame. If Andrew did not know about it, he should divorce her all over again. Ew, Sarah.
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