DETROIT: Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick sentenced to 5 years in jail; will wife Carlita Kilpatrick divorce him?

Poor Kwame Kilpatrick. It is safe to say he will never be president of the United States. Kwame’s been thrown in jail for 5 years for perjury and other charges and now his wife Carlita Kilpatrick may have no choice but to consider ending her marriage to the fallen former mayor of Detroit. Just a year ago, Carlita, who moved to Texas while her husband was serving a 99 day sentence (and five years probation), seemed bullish on the marriage. She was looking forward to starting over with her husband and her sons, in spite of his affair, she told the Dallas Morning News, just a year ago. 
Things seemed rosier then. Kwame had gotten a new job even while in prison, and they were really looking to making this move to Southlake, Texas the start of a new chapter in their lives. But I just read in the Detroit Free Press that Kwame was convicted and will serve a 5 year sentence for basically lying to the court and failing to make restitution to the tune of $1 million dollars as ordered. How could he be so stupid to pull a move like that and endanger his freedom and the well-being of his family after everything they have been through?
It’s frustrating because it is clear that somebody went after him hard and they wanted him exactly where they got him. But he played into their hands big time. He played his own role in his own prosecution and demise. And he is arrogant to boot. The question now is what is Carlita going to do about this? Will she wait around till he gets out of prison? Or will she find a new husband?
What a nightmare. And to think this all started when Kwame sent extra-marital text message to his paramour. See the tangled web we weave when we practice to send racy text messages to others while we are married? DON’T SEND RACY TEXT MESSAGES TO YOUR EXTRA-MARITAL PLAY DATES. Especially not when you are in public office. And if you must send these, and you are caught, please, please, just do like Bernard Madoff. Admit it from the get go. Don’t lie. Otherwise, you can end up in the sewage that Kwame Kilpatrick now finds himself.
And on top of that, his wife my hit him with divorce papers. Boy. I really hope that it was the best sex he ever had. Otherwise, it just doesn’t seem like it was worth it.
I actually feel sorry for the guy….oh, wait. Telling the truth got Bernie 150 years. So it wouldn’t have helped Kwame to tell the truth. What would have helped is if he hadn’t sent the messages in the first place, given that, as a politician, he was living in a glass house.
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