Gary Coleman is dead. The Diff’rent Strokes star suffered a massive brain hemorrhage following a fall that cracked his cranium. Talk about  the Diff’rent Strokes curse. How many people from that show have died tragically so far? Dana Plato, her son, now Gary. Todd Bridges is still alive and is a recovering crack addict.
Gary Coleman’s wife, Shannon Price’s  brother issued a statement today on her behalf thanking all his fans for their support. Gary and Shannon had been to divorce court after 3 months of marriage but had somewhat reconciled, even though Shannon had been arrested for suspected domestic abuse last July. In January, Gary also suffered a mysterious fall that was dubbed a “seizure” and suffered a concussion. No domestic violence was cited.
But this is definitely weird. And with the history of domestic violence in the marriage, an autopsy should be ordered. That is not to say that Shannon had anything to do with the fall, but there is history of domestic violence there, and she was three times his body size. Though he was short, it is completely bizarre how he kept falling and hitting his head.
Something is fishy about the whole thing. And investigators should definitely look into this. It would not be totally surprising to learn there was foul play here. Again, that is not to say his wife had anything to do with it. But somebody else could have. It needs to be investigated.