Breaking divorce news: Are divorce rings the hottest new trend? Yes, according to NYT

The Fashion and Style section of the New York Times had an interesting report today about “divorce rings.” I personally was unaware of such a thing, but it seems these are all the rage with modern divorcées and divorcés. Personally? I think the whole concept is ridiculous but maybe that’s because I’m hormonal so everything strikes me as ridiculous. But you can read the report for yourself and make your own mind up about it. I just think the whole thing is ridiculous. I  can see if it were a nose ring we were talking about. But why go out and purchase a regular old finger ring to signify a divorce? What about a nose ring? Or an earring? Or even a belly button ring? Why a bloody regular old finger ring? How unoriginal. Well, again, I’m pms-ing. So check out the report here and judge for yourself. Image credit.