CHILDREN AND CUSTODY: Mom finds long lost kids on FACEBOOK – after 15 year abduction

Faustino Utrera is in jail following his arrest for child abduction 15 years ago. He abducted his own children and took them from their mom (his wife) and their home in San Bernadina, California to Florida. The children were unearthed by their mother when she typed her daughter’s name in Facebook and subsequently “friended” her. The mother then reported the situation to the appropriate authorities and her ex husband was arrested and placed in the cells. The children, who are now teenagers, 17 and 18, are now in the custody of their mother. But guess what, they don’t know her and she is a total stranger to them. It will likely take them the rest of their lives to develop a mother/child relationship with her. As for their father, we’ll keep you posted about his fate. Chances are he will do a few years in prison for this crime.
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