Marriage in the 1950's responsible for the divorce rates in modern times?

John Bolch of Family Lore brought my attention to a post over at Boing Boing that hits all the wrong nerves with me. He thought it was “wonderfully politically incorrect.” I just feel horrified. The Boing post is essentially a photo-smorgasbord of “vintage ads depicting abused and domesticated women.” I’ve taken the liberty of uploading the collage for your edification. 
It’s ironic that divorce was hardly common-place in that era, isn’t it? One would think that women would want out of relationships with this much machismo going on. But the divorce rate in the 1950’s was nothing compared to what it is today. One has to wonder why? How could women have endured this type of degradation as a matter of routine, all in the name of marriage and relationships? And I’m not even a feminist. But, wow. Women and wives have come a really long way, haven’t they?  The Chase and Sanborn coffee ad is particularly horrendous. Honestly, what kind of world was that that allowed this sort of hair-brained advertising? I can think of no country in the world today, except maybe Saudi Arabia, that would condone this type of callous and open sexism. Jeeze. These are bad. No wonder so many women today initiate divorces. It’s all that pent up shame from their mothers and grandmother’s generation. It makes women less inclined to put up with this much shit.