LOS ANGELES: Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon pulls the plug on her sham marriage and files for divorce; custody battle to follow

Former TV star Garcelle Beauvais is divorcing her cheatah husband Mike Nilon. US Magazine is reporting the following:

In court documents unearthed by E! News, the actress has filed for divorce from Mike Nilon, her husband of nearly nine years, citing irreconcilable differences. Back in April, she accused him of cheating on him in a furious email she blasted out to his colleagues at the CAA agency.
The star’s email, entitled “Tiger Woods/Mike Nilon,” read: “What do they have in common… I found out today that MY husband of almost 9 yrs has been having an affair for 5 yrs with some slut in Chicago. I am devastated!!!! And I have been duped!! Our boys don’t deserve this!”

Jeeze. Why do people get married if it always ends up like this?