Post-divorce, Al Gore will be a cheap date to protect the environment

Was that a cheesy tag line, or what? But I am still trying to get over the shock I just received when I got a phone call from DS admin that Al Gore and Tipper Gore are getting divorced. Right away, I tried to think of something intelligent to say about it, and, as usual, I’ve failed. So I came up with “Post-divorce, Al Gore will be a cheap date to protect the environment.” And, look, is it that ridiculous to say that? The man won an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize for his movie about the environment. What was it called? Inconvenient Truth? And so he probably lives and breathes the environment, which always did strike me as a bit hypocritical since he and his wife have a few houses all of which, even if greened out to the max, were still using up more than their fair share of resources for a family of four people. You have to figure that heating and lighting all those houses eventually, in the aggregate, taxed the environment more than it would if they just had one house.  They use a lot of resources – more than their fair share. How does Al, therefore, have the nerve to preach to anyone on this issue?
But in any event, woe be unto the next woman in his life. You know he’s not going to have any trouble meeting new women. They are going to line up for blocks to get a piece of him, albeit that he’s slightly overweight and pushing seventy. Or is it sixty? Still, he can get a women in her twenties or thirties. Poor Tipper won’t be that fortunate. If she finds anybody at all, he’ll be real old, or a gigolo.
But yea, Al’s new gal pals won’t have it as good as Tipper used to have it. First of all, Tipper is getting most of that in the divorce settlement. But whatever is left, Al is going to donate it and start building houses for Habitats for Humanity. He’s going to totally go gong ho for public service and working with indigent people all over the world. He won’t have fancy houses. So the next gal better weigh that in her calculus. If she doesn’t want to slum it, a post-divorce Al won’t be the guy. As boring as he was before, after divorce and divestiture of assets, he really will be an overdose of sedatives….Oh stop. I like Al. I don’t know why I said that. Mean. I was being mean. I sorry!  🙂