PEURTO RICO: Divorce in New York: Barbara Kogan, 68, convicted 20 years later of hiring hitman to kill hubby George

Widow, 68, gets 12-36 years for her husband’s murder in 1990. At the time she was 48 and he was 49. They were going through a difficult divorce and he had taken up with a 25 year old and she was basically crazed with jealousy. So she hires a hitman and has her husband popped off, after calling the insurance company to confirm that she will be the sole beneficiary of his life insurance policy – $4.3 million dollars. The prosecutor described her as a woman who wanted to “litigate her divorce with the bullets of a gun.”
When they met, Barbara and George were students in New York. He was from a wealthy family who owned real estate, casinos and department stores in Peurto Rico, which is where the Kogans spent most of their marriage before moving back to New York and opening up an antiques shop. Make a long story short, when the marriage “faltered” Barbara basically took out a contract on his head. And for 20 years, she basically got away with it, till the hit man was convicted of another crime and she somehow got implicated.
So. There you have it. Don’t do that. No matter how long it takes, you will get caught.
Wonder what the divorce laws are in Peurto Rico? I feel another post coming on.
Source of story: New York Post. Or was it the Daily News? Is it plagiarism if you credit the wrong source?