Joran Van der Sloot's parents Paul and Anita Van Der Sloot were NOT divorced; so why did he become a murderous man?

Word from Peru is that accused woman killer Joran Van Der Sloot, born in the Netherlands, has confessed to murdering Peruvian student Stephany Flores Ramírez in his hotel room after he caught her rummaging through his laptop without his permission. He is still the main suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway who vanished without a trace in 2005 after last being spotted with Joran and his friends on the beach in Aruba.
If, in fact, Joran is guilty of both these murders, it seems clear that he has a hatred and anger towards women. Why? Is it something to do with his own mother? Maybe something about how his parents (who were married until his father abruptly died in February of this year during a game of tennis) interacted with each other? Usually kids who grow up to be sociopaths tend to come from dysfunctional homes, or even homes where the family unit is in tatters following, say, a divorce.
But Joran’s parents were still married up until Paul Van Der Sloot’s death earlier this year. So why did he become a murderous SOB as is alleged? Could this whole thing be a case of mistaken identity? The Peruvian police released the tapes that show him and the girl entering his hotel room. And they have footage of him leaving alone, four hours later. He looks really guilty. Plus, he pre-paid two weeks stay at the hotel as he was trying to make his getaway to Chile and left instructions that his room was not to be touched. 
He wasn’t that intelligent it seems. But is he guilty? And is it of both murders or just one?
And what was the similarity between Natalee and Stephany?  They seemed to meet their murderer (alleged) under somewhat similar circumstances, a type of “party” atmosphere. In Natalee’s case, there was reported heavy drinking going on during a graduation holiday in Aruba where the entire graduating class of Natalee’s school were celebrating the rite of passage. In Stephany’s case, the business student was last seen playing poker with Van der Sloot in a casino until hotel cameras picked her up with her head down, entering his hotel room at five o’ clock in the morning….
So many lessons in this story. Especially for young, helpless women prone to getting too familiar with strange men in strange places.
But what is Van Der Sloot’s excuse for this type of sociopathy? Like I said, he can’t exactly blame it on a parental divorce. And he seems to have a good relationship with his mother because the Peruvian police claim he’s asking for her. And he was similarly close to his father who was instrumental in his defense five years ago (father was a lawyer and aspiring Judge in Aruba).
So what is his excuse for his behavior?